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Health & Safety

Health and Safety Information for Our All-Natural Insecticide in Houston, TX

Turn to our team when you want to learn more about the health effects in our all-natural insecticide in Houston, TX. At Bug Defence, we always choose pesticides that have low toxicity and are safe for use around humans and pets. Contact us for all the health and safety information you need to know about our chemicals.

Exterminator with All Natural Insecticide, Houston, TX

Natural and Synthetic Solutions

When it comes to controlling flying and biting insects, there are various natural and synthetic options that we use. We carry top-tier formulation of safe insecticides such as pyrethrum, permethrin, and our proprietary “green” repellent. All of the solutions we offer can be used in our automated misting systems, allowing us to protect your property and landscaping continually. So whether you need residential or commercial pest control services, rely on our team and our safe natural and synthetic insecticides to eliminate insects on your property.

About Permethrin and Pyrethrum

Discovered about 200 years ago, pyrethrum is a natural, low toxicity insecticide. It is made from the dried, crushed flowers of certain chrysanthemums that are toxic to insects. While this all-natural insecticide is effective in residential situations, it breaks down too quickly in the sun to be used in commercial agriculture. To overcome this breakdown, the synthetic pesticide permethrin was developed. Permethrin works similarly to pyrethrum while remaining effective for considerably longer.