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Health & Safety

Health & Safety Information about Our All Natural Insecticide in Houston, TX

Learn more about the health effects of our all natural insecticide in Houston, TX, today. If you have any further questions or concerns, our pest control specialists would love to hear from you.

Exterminator with All Natural Insecticide, Houston, TX

Natural or Synthetic

Whether you prefer natural or synthetic chemistries, we provide the correct choice to control flying and biting insects.

We carry a diversified product choice which includes top-tier formulations for pyrethrum, permethrin or our proprietary all natural "green" repellent for use in our automated misting systems. BugDefence™ provides formulations for both our Home Service Divisions as well as for our pest control professionals. We market and sell only registered or exempt formulations.


Permethrin is an insecticide (meaning that it kills insects) registered with the US EPA and first marketed in 1977. Permethrin falls under the classification of a pyrethroid. It is a synthetic chemical; therefore, it remains effective for longer periods of time than a Pyrethrum.


About 200 years ago someone living in central Asia discovered, by accident, that dried, crushed flowers of certain chrysanthemums were toxic to insects. Since then, pyrethrum has been used in many forms for effective, low toxicity insect control. However, because natural pyrethrum has almost no stability in sunlight, it is not used in commercial agriculture.