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A Wide Range of Options for Insect & Pest Control in Houston, TX, & the Surrounding Areas

The BugDefence™ system is the most effective and convenient method for controlling mosquitoes and other flying and biting insects in your yard. We work the first day, right away, and operate virtually maintenance-free. Imagine never again having to spray your children with messy repellents or remembering to fog your yard before an outdoor event. Call today to book a consultation or learn more about our insect control services.


Discover the perfect temporary solution for eliminating mosquitoes. Using a backpack fogger designed for precise application to target plants, shrubs, and areas that are capable of breeding mosquitoes, BugDefence-trained technicians will fog your yard every 21 days. This fog kills mosquitoes immediately on contact. Within 30 minutes of fogging your family and friends will be able to enjoy your backyard. We would also be happy to prepare your yard in advance of a special event, applying a barrier fog so your guests don't suffer mosquito bites. This is perfect for weddings, parties, BBQs, or family reunions. Dry within 30 minutes, barrier fogging provides protection throughout the whole day.

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Misting System, Pest Control, Houston, TX

Automatic Misting System - The Permanent Solution

Our mosquito system automatically releases a 35-second fine mist spray three times daily (6 am, 6 pm, and 8 pm) when the mosquitoes are most active. The goal is to eliminate the mosquitoes coming over from neighboring properties/ponds etc. on a daily basis. This is done by creating a barrier around the house through the strategic placement of nozzles. This is an effective and permanent solution for eliminating mosquitoes. Automatic and manual daily coverage are both available.

The nozzles are placed on 1/4-inch tubing that is run throughout the property, hidden from plain sight. With three different tubing color options, the tubing will blend right into your fence, eaves, or shrubs. They are spread out every 10 feet. The system will include a remote control allowing you to opt for additional 35-second sprays to suit your needs.

The substance we spray is permethrin. A broad spectrum, non-systemic, synthetic insecticide, it is registered by the EPA as an insecticide for use in a variety of settings. It's so diluted that it will not affect humans or animals, but is still strong enough to eliminate mosquitoes, flies, wasps, spiders, etc.
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Pest Control

When you are having pest issues you know who to call. Our pest control specialists offer pest control that takes care of most pests around your property, including:
  • Roaches
  • Ants
  • Wasps
  • Spiders
  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Rodents
  • Termites
  • Fleas
  • & More

Our Packages

  • Mosquito Fogging for Events — Starting at $49.95
  • Residential Fogging — $49.95
  • Misting Systems — Request a Quote
  • Pest Control — Request a Quote 

Effective Pest Control in Houston, TX

Tired of pests but not sure what to do? When you’ve reached that point, our effective pest control in Houston, TX has the solutions for you. We have trained technicians who understand where to treat and how to handle infestations. You can be assured that when you employ our services, we’ll treat you in a professional manner.

Our technicians at BugDefence are trained to know how the products perform and the place to put them inside and outside of a home. Your family’s safety is important to us, and we’ll make sure no one will be exposed to potentially harmful products. We are committed to providing you with as many green products as possible.

Better for the Environment

There is a core benefit to using an all natural insecticide.  Chemical sprays may be useful, but they often have harmful effects on the surrounding environment. By providing you with a natural way to keep pests off without damaging the surrounding environment, we help build a better future for you and your family.

Our team can help you get life back to normal and eliminate those annoying and potentially harmful pests. You can even see a reduction in allergies, doctors’ visits and itching caused by bug bites. We’ll cover it all!

Contact our active pest control company for an on-site consultation and quote for any pest issues you are having. We proudly serve Houston, TX, and the surrounding area.