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Eliminate Pests with Mosquito Fogging in Houston, TX

You don’t want the soundtrack to your backyard parties and barbecues to be a continuous buzz. You picture your property as a personal oasis where you can enjoy a cool beverage and not a place where your main hobby is swatting at flying pests. To bring that picture of relaxation to life, you can count on Bug Defence. We will rid your yard of those swarming, biting parasites by providing mosquito fogging in Houston, TX.

Our skilled technicians operate a specialized backpack fogger to apply an all-natural insecticide to shrubs, plants, and areas that act as mosquito breeding grounds. For complete year-round protection, we can fog your property every 21 days. The fog works by killing the pests on contact, and usually within 30 minutes of fogging you can enjoy your backyard without worrying about mosquito bites. Contact us to book our mosquito control services.

We offer fogging in two convenient packages:

  • Mosquito Fogging for Events — Starting at $49.95
  • Residential Fogging — $49.95

Get Them Before They Get You

When you are planning an event in your backyard and want to preemptively protect your family and guests, we can get the mosquitos before they get you. We can provide mosquito fogging to act as a barrier throughout the entire day. When you spray your property ahead of time, everyone there will be safe from annoying bites. It is the ideal solution for outdoor weddings, parties, barbecues, or family reunions.