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Comprehensive Mosquito Fogging in Houston, TX

Protect your property from annoying mosquitos by turning to the team at BugDefence. We offer services for mosquito fogging in Houston, TX, to temporarily eliminate mosquitos from your yard. Our skilled technicians will utilize a specialized backpack fogger that is designed for precise application to target shrubs, plants, and areas that are breeding grounds for mosquitos. We will fog your yard every 21 days to provide complete protection throughout the year.

The fog is designed to kill mosquitos immediately on contact. Typically, within 30 minutes of fogging, you will be able to enjoy your backyard without needing to worry about suffering mosquito bites. Contact us to learn more about our fogging services or to schedule a visit from our skilled team.

Preemptive Protection

Are you planning a large outdoor gathering and want to preemptively protect your property? Our BugDefence-trained technicians are here to help. We offer to apply mosquito barrier fogging that is designed to provide protection throughout the whole day. By spraying your property ahead of your event, you can ensure that your guests are safe from annoying mosquito bites. This is ideal for outdoor weddings, parties, BBQs, or family reunions.